Custom Orders

Custom Orders are CLOSED.

Please wait until custom orders are open to submit your custom order request.

Custom Order Procedure:


  2. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. If you are not ready to complete the purchase immediately, please hold off on submitting your request. Custom orders are $50 ($40 for children’s, $45 if you provide your own prescription frames) plus shipping. I do not offer bulk discounts at this time.

  3. If you wish to provide your own frames (such as prescriptions) they must be approved by me first to ensure I can work with them. Please include a picture of the frames in your request. Tip: I need flat/wide surface area to work with. Skinny rims will not work.

  4. After reading over the guidelines, submit your request via e-mail with the subject title “Custom Order Request” to:

  5. Please include the following info in your custom order request: 

    1. Lyric/word choice, if any. Please see the "Guidelines and Tips" in the next section for help on what lyrics will work and what won't! If you're flexible on lyric/words, include a few different options or specify that you are flexible. This will increase the likelihood of your request being accepted!

    2. Desired frame style *and* color. You can provide multiple options here if you are flexible. See all available frames at the bottom of this page. If there is a frame shape you're interested in that you don't see here, you may inquire--but please hold off on submitting a formal request until you see your desired frames available. Please see the "Guidelines and Tips" in the next section for help determining if your lyric choice will fit on the frames you're interested in!

    3. Date needed, if needed by a specific date. Wait time for custom orders can be up to 6 weeks depending on my order volume. If you are not in a rush and are open to being placed further down my work queue so that I can accommodate time-sensitive orders, please specify in your request :)

    4. Decoration requests (such as flowers, stars, cacti, lightning bolts, etc), if any. Please keep in mind certain decorations may not work with certain frames; decoration availability depends on the frames we are working with :) 

    5. Colors/themes you're going for, if any. (Example: "I like pastels")

    6. Colors/decorations you'd like me to avoid, if any. (Example: "please avoid red and primary colors")

    7. Optional: If you would like to provide your own frames, such as prescriptions, please include a picture of the frames (such as prescription glasses) you'd like to use.
  6. Update: I will now respond to ALL requests letting you know if your request was approved or denied. You will receive a response from me within 3 business days (Sat & Sun excluded). If your request was approved, you will be instructed on how to move forward. If your request was not able to be fulfilled, I will give a brief explanation as to why. It's possible that I've just filled the maximum amount of openings that I have. But if it's design related...I have given very detailed guidelines, instructions, and suggestions in the next section to help you make sure your idea will work; I cannot go back and forth helping to revise your idea. Please read over the next section, revise your idea, and submit your idea again as long as custom orders are still open!

  7. Upon approval of your request I will set up an invoice and instruct you on how to move forward. You will have 72 hours to submit your payment. Your custom order is not secured until payment is received! Failure to pay will result in your custom order slot being given to the next person in line.

  8. Once your request is approved you may not make any major changes (minor changes are okay, just ask if you're not sure). If you change your mind you need to submit a separate request. 
  9. Communication is crucial. This is a collaboration between artist and client. Please check your e-mail frequently during the process. If you don't check email often, please provide a phone number so that I can text you to let you know that I've sent an email (correspondence will still be via email).

  10. Processing time for custom orders is 2-6 weeks PLUS shipping time. I typically cannot accommodate rush orders unless you are one of the first to submit a request & first to pay. I appreciate your patience!

  11. I will always send a picture of the finished product before I ship. I like to receive the client’s approval before shipping, but if I do not receive a response within 48 hours I will go ahead and ship the item. 

Guidelines and Tips for your Custom Order Ideas:

Please read this section carefully to determine if I am able to work with your idea! Not all ideas will work!

  1. First of all, I must stress that my custom orders are a collaboration, not “design-your-own”. Please trust in my creative process and understand that while I will do everything I can to bring your vision to life, there are certain limitations and I like to remain true to my own artistic style and vision as well! Your flexibility is appreciated.

  2. Keep it short and sweet and think about how the words will be split between two lenses. Circle and heart-shaped frames typically have a maximum of 10-12 characters PER LENS (characters include spaces), depending on the size of the frames. Square, cat-eye, and more angular shapes will have a much shorter maximum of 5-8 characters PER LENS, again depending on size of the frames. There are certain exceptions to this rule, but if you have a long lyric in mind please consider having a few back-up choices. (As an example, "Surrender to the flow" would be split into "surrender" on one side [9 characters] and "to the flow" on the other [11 characters].) 

  3. The more words, the less room for other decorations. Once the character maximum is reached there is no space left for something like a daisy or star on the side, although I can still decorate with jewels around the rims. 

  4. If you wear prescription glasses, I am happy to decorate frames that are mailed to me. I just need to see pictures of them first to make sure that it’s something I can work with. If you already have the frames please include a picture in your custom order request.

  5. To get a feel for my style and what types of decorations I have available, I recommend checking out my Instagram page: @shopbabacool. If you do not have the Instagram app you can still view it in your internet browser at: I encourage you to include pictures of any of my past work that you feel is helpful in your request. This is also a good place to get an idea of what kinds of decorations/gems/cabochons I usually carry. 

  6. If your custom order request is not accepted, remember I make soooo many new designs ~constantly~! You are sure to find something you love! Follow me on Instagram (@shopbabacool) and Facebook ( to stay in the loop, and maybe after a while you’ll come up with some new ideas and try again. Thank you so much for appreciating my work!

Available Frames:

Please choose from the frame options below when submitting your custom order request. If the style you are looking for is not listed here, please hold off on submitting your custom order request. Feel free to submit an informal inquiry if there is a specific frame shape you are looking for; I'll let you know if it's something I may have in the future.


Chunky Round Frames: Best for longer lyrics. Also suitable for short lyrics. Dark lenses; full UV protection. Only available in black.

chunky round frames

Oversized oval frames: Suitable for long or short lyrics; symmetrical is better. Mirrored/dark lenses with full UV protection. Black frames are available with purple, rose gold, orange, or blue/green lenses. Tortoiseshell frames are available with rose gold or blue/green lenses.


Rimless Heart-shaped Frames (clear/color tinted): Suitable for long and short lyrics. Color tinted lenses; minimal UV protection. Will color your vision! Available in red, blue, grey, yellow, pink, or purple.

rimless heart-shaped frames 

purple rimless heart-shaped frames


Rimless Heart-shaped Frames (mirrored lenses/dark): Suitable for long and short lyrics. Mirrored lenses, so your eyes are not visible, but these are still light enough to be suitable for indoors. Available in pink/rose gold, red, purple, blue, and orange.


Kids Frames: Best suited for children under 6 years old. Due to how small these frames are, longer lyrics/phrases will NOT work. Short lyrics only--max 8 characters per lens.