My Story

     Hi! I'm Brooke, and I'm so happy you're here! Baba Cool began in 2013 when I just wanted to make enough money to get a ticket to the next Phish show. I started selling my flower crowns and macrame bracelets in the parking lots before the show, and soon realized I was making more than just the price of a ticket. After seeing some success in the parking lot I opened an Etsy shop so that I could reach my customers even when Phish wasn't touring. 

     For a few years it was just my side hustle. Then in 2015 I did something that I thought was super silly...I glued song lyrics onto sunglasses. I had no idea just what I was starting! The glasses quickly gained a cult following, and around the same time I changed my business name to Baba Cool (it's the French term for "hippie" which I thought was so adorable and catchy). The name stuck, and the glasses became known simply as "Baba Cools." In 2018 I quit my part-time job in retail to focus entirely on my business, and in 2019 Baba Cool became Baba Cool LLC!

     Baba Cool LLC remains one-woman owned and operated! I handle everything from designing and creating my sunglasses, to photography, marketing, social media, shipping, customer service, and everything in between. My glasses are pure expressions of joy, and I hope that they bring you as much to joy to wear as they bring me joy to make! Thank you for supporting my dream. My heart is filled with gratitude. The best is yet to come!